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YUNET – Finnish University Network for Youth Studies

The Finnish University Network for Youth Studies is a cooperation project between five higher education units and the Finnish Youth Research Society. Founded in 2007, the goal of YUNET is to promote high quality teaching with a focus on youth and young people by combining resources of its member organizations and the Finnish Youth Research Network.

YUNET complements and strengthens youth studies education nationally by coordinating and organizing Bachelor’s level courses for the students of its member organizations. The network provides online courses and other flexible study modules (in Finnish). Students may either register for individual courses or complete a basic studies minor of 25 ECTS. Teaching is based on the curricula of member organizations.

The current member organizations of YUNET are:

Also other Finnish higher education units may become members of the Network.

In 2018-2026 the network is coordinated by the research unit Values, Ideologies and Social Contexts of Education (VISE) at the University of Oulu.

For more information on the network, please contact YUNET coordinator.

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